"Rolph Scarlett: Artist & Painter"

Rolph Scarlett, 1889-1984, was one of America's greatest abstract artists. He was well-known in the 1940's, and has recently been rediscovered. Over 100 of his works were purchased by the Guggenheim in NY, and he was the only American artist to be shown in 1938, when they first opened. His works hung next to Wassily Kandinsky and he worked at the museum alongside the famous Jackson Pollock. This DVD is a personal project for Bob Pyle, who has collected many of Rolph Scarlett's works over the years. Also included is a second film made in 1979, called "Who is Rolph Scarlett". It shows rare interviews with Rolph himself, done by his student and friend Harriet Tannen. This rare and out-of-print film is made available again on this DVD.

Also currently available for sale at the Smithsonian museum gift shop!

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