Reviews of Apples and Oranges - Bob's first CD

"Apples & Oranges is that unusual blend of toe-tapping pleasure that melds professional musicianship and superb arrangements with both humorous and heart-rending lyrics.”
– Jo Stepaniak, Author of Being Vegan

"Apples and Oranges is a delight. Finally, vegetarians have a fun, beautifully recorded CD of great songs geared toward children of all ages."
– Erik Marcus, publisher of and author of Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money.

“Uproarious lyrics to offer a socially relevant message…”
– Keryl Cryer, Vegetarian Journal

“It's refreshing to discover Bob Pyle cleverly skewering the carnivores with some laugh-out-loud lyrics.”

“Bob Pyle writes and sings some of the funniest songs to be released this year. “

"Vegans will love the CD and non-vegans might just convert after listening to the song, Apples and Oranges…”
-Melanie Wilson,

"All who enjoy good healthy, wholesome American folk songs and those new to the genre will enjoy this CD...Bob Pyle brings the fresh smell of roses to accompany our daily bread." (click for full article)
– Ken Setter,


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