"When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress"
Bob's Long-Awaited second album!

Bob Pyle's new CD is called "When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress". It contains 12 original songs, done in Bob's signature offbeat style, blending elements of old time string-band music into a modern sound. The title song, "When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress" is a humorous novelty song. It takes a look at former FBI director J Edgar Hoover's hypocritical fondness for social deviance. This song was inspired by the book "The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover" by Anthony Summers. There are eleven other catchy, up-tempo songs on the CD that will keep your toes tapping. So grab a dress, hop in the limo, and join us for the ride!

Coming Soon: hysterical music video for "When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress" (Check Videos section)

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$13.99 plus shipping

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