"Apples & Oranges" - Bob's First CD

Apples & Oranges is Bob's first CD, released in 2004. It contains 12 upbeat songs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The music is mostly done in old time string-band style. It is ideal for both adults and children. Many of the songs are humorous, but have a socially relevant message concerning the foods we choose to eat. Apples & Oranges has been played on over 100 radio stations around the world, and one of its songs "I've Been Restored" has been made into a national television commercial for Farmer's Insurance Company.

"Apples and Oranges is a delight. Finally, vegetarians have a fun, beautifully recorded CD of great songs geared toward children of all ages."
– Erik Marcus, publisher of Vegan.com and author of Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Mone

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